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I Sold Another Book(ito)! “Pie Contest in a Box”

"Pie Contest in a Box"It is with joy and a true sense of wonder (mixed with smug satisfaction that my pig-headed notion that this was a genius idea proved correct) that I announce the sale of my “Pie Contest in a Box” to Andrews McMeel for publication summer 2011 in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. Thanks to Jean at Mansion Street Literary Management for waving her magic wand to make it happen and to Aurel de st Andre for the beautiful prototype design.



“Pie Contest in a Box” contains:

Pie Contest Handbook

  • Introduction: Why Pie Contests Matter Today
  • The History of Pie (from ancient Egyptian and Greek pies to legendary Midwestern state fair pie contests)
  • Anatomy of a Pie Contest (instructions for how to organize; suggested pie contest themes, such as Heirloom Family Recipes and Ugly1960s Jell-O Pies)
  • Rules for Contestants (no store-bought crusts)
  • Rules for Judges (you must taste with an open heart)
  • Categories of Pie (berry, fruit, nut, cream, savory—with criteria for judging each type)
  • Varieties of Crust and Special Dough Treatments (leaves, latticework, etc.—with criteria for judging each type)
  • Pies by Season (summer peach pie, fall apple pie, and so on, with descriptions of the merits of different types of fruit—best kinds of apples for baking, etc.)
  • Profiles of Pie Contest Winners with Prize-Winning Recipes and Tips
  • Advice for Pie Judges (eat a little protein before the contest, as you don’t want to start hungry – it’s all about pacing)
  • Pies in Literature, Song, and Folklore (poems, lyrics, superstitions)
  • Sheet to Track Pie Contest Entries (name, type of pie, designated number)

Numbered Pie Toppers on toothpicks (so judges don’t know whose pie is whose)

Pie Scorecards (rating taste, texture, crust, filling, appearance, creativity)

Pie Judge Badges

Prize Ribbons for Pie Contest Winners

Le Tigre – I'm So Excited (KCRW)

According to this article in Salon, New York University has acquired the papers of feminist, activist, and Bikini Kill and Le Tigre lead singer Kathleen Hanna for its Riot Grrrl Archive. Pretty mind-blowing. I love this video — watch it to the end.

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