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Memorial Day

Wishing you all a happy and safe Memorial Day. My Grandmother Mae was a nurse stationed in France during WWI. The soldiers called her “Slim.”

Mae Nickerson, late 1920s Nebraska

Goose in the Meadow: Make-a-Wish Edition

Spring Splendor at Our House

Snapped a few photos before the rain washes the blossoms away.

Dog and dogwood

The last of the forsythia


The bear's favorite apple tree (McIntosh)

Crab apple and lilac along our driveway

Annalena Reports on Bay Path College Women’s Leadership Conference

Annalena, 16

Annalena dedicated her WBCR-lp community radio show “Our Funky Cheese Shack” yesterday to report on her experience at The Power of Choice: 16th Annual Bay Path College Women’s Leadership Conference that she and I attended in Springfield, Mass. last month. She discusses the difference between this event and the Omega Women & Power 2010: Our Time to Lead Conference that we attended  last year and gives her impressions and analysis of talks by Wes Moore, Alison Levine, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, Catherine Tweedie of McKinsey and Co.’s Centered Leadership project, and Dr. Angela DuckworthClick this link to hear the show.

Family Portrait Circa 1970

Me with my father and brothers Jan, Kris, and Charlie. Sarasota, 1970-ish.

Happy Grandmother's Day, Too

These are photos of my Nebraskan grandmother, Mae Nickerson, who baked killer apple pie and who traveled to India for the first time when she was in her 70s.

Happy Mother's Day

Leigh Hyams in San Miguel de Allende circa 1960. Her friends called her Martita back then. Photo by Peter Olwyler.

Goose and the Dandelions (a fine band name)

Early spring once again in the meadow.

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