Monthly Archives: March 2012

Haiku About Waiting for College Application Decisions


There’s no mail today.

Focus elsewhere. Spring. The Dog.

The house without her.

Early Berkshire Spring: First Mud Puddles and Forsythia

My Late Father-in-Law Bob’s Pipe Collection

Pinterest has me seeing details. Here is my late father-in-law Bob’s beloved pipe collection, which now adorns our living room wall.

Storm Windows Opened

Happy Goose in Golden Berkshire Meadow

Pretty Spring Berkshire Day

Feels like summer is on it’s way. That’s the Guthrie Center in the distance.

Visit from a Bear

Goose investigates the crime scene.

Gorgeous Foggy Winter Day in the Berkshires

Mango and Jicama On-a-Sticks, Fresh Garbanzo Beans

Last week in San Miguel: mango and jicama carved into flowers, dusted with chile pepper, and served like lollipops, plus a mound of fresh garbanzo beans.

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