Annalena's Spectacular Fireworks Photos

My daughter, Annalena Barrett*, took these spectacular photos on the 4th of July at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Some she took using the “fireworks setting” on the camera and others not. I have no idea how she even knew there was such a setting. Chalk it up to being a digital native

*Photos posted with permission (and if you find these images via Google image search and want to use them, then you, too, should ask permission ’cause the photographer may only be 14, but she is savvy).



2 Responses to Annalena's Spectacular Fireworks Photos

  1. Betsy says:

    que chido!

  2. Sue Dickman says:

    Wow! Those are very cool. Good for Annalena. And I had not the slightest idea that there’s a fireworks setting on a camera. But I will tuck that bit of info away in case I ever need it.

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