Buenos Dias from San Miguel

Greetings from Cafe Etc. where there is miraculous wireless Internet connection. A quick hello. The previous post refers to my mother having had a small stroke. The good news: Her prognosis is excellent and poco a poco she’s getting better each day. Her doctor and neurologist make house calls. They think she’ll be walking in about a month. A physical therapist now comes daily to the house, a speech therapist a few times a week, and massage therapist a couple of times a week, along with the maid and gardener, and two caretakers to periodically spell me to shop for groceries, go to a Nia dance class, and…oh, maybe try to get some work done…la, la, la: welcome to expat life.

As difficult as all of this is, really, my mom couldn’t have been luckier and we’ve been having a good time together. On the scale of strokes, hers isn’t so bad and San Miguel has extraordinary and affordable resources available to aid her recovery. There may not be state-of-the-art medicine here, but there is world-class loving care.

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  1. Renovation Therapy says:

    All the best to you and your Mom, sounds like she has an excellent daughter (and team) helping her.


    PS Please bring the gardener back with you, I need help desperately.

  2. Gina Hyams says:

    Thanks, Jean. Lovely to tweet you…and eventually meet you.

  3. SpaciousSelf says:

    Buenos dias to you too, Gina. Just took a spin around your blog (love it), saw the new pages of your web site (WOW!..would love to know the name of your designer) and enjoyed scrolling down your latest San Miguel tweets.

    I just returned from sunny San Miguel myself yesterday (!) to grey, drizzly Concord, MA. I notice you also live in New England.

    You may enjoy reading one of my more recent blog posts that explores my dual (Mexican and American) identity. It’s called “A Valentine’s Message from Soul to Self”:

    Look forward to exchanging more. We have a lot in common it seems, including the fact that we both have a teenage daughter.

    Stephanie Bennett Vogt

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