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Daydreaming about the Wonders of a Vintage French Café au Lait Bowl

Vintage French cafe au lait bowlMaybe stuff can’t make you happy, but this morning I’m quite convinced that if I start drinking coffee out of a vintage French café au lait bowl, everything will be better, and that this is an achievable goal.

I saw this bowl on Etsy. It’s close, but not quite the one for me. The quest is on…

My Late Father-in-Law Bob’s Pipe Collection

Pinterest has me seeing details. Here is my late father-in-law Bob’s beloved pipe collection, which now adorns our living room wall.

Painted Tortillas and Capilla San Isdidro in Cruz del Palmar

Yesterday our friend Judith Roberts drove us out into the San Miguel countryside to the village of Cruz del Palmar. We visited the newly resorted 18th century Capilla San Isdidro, which is one of six chapels on the Ruta de  Capillas de Indios. On the church ceiling, there’s an “orchestra of angels” mural. I only half-understood the guide…the history involves Otomí and Chichimeca tribes, a lightning strike, something about witches hopping from mesquite tree to mesquite tree, a river, and a guy who stole silver.There’s a little restaurant set up at the chapel, where they served “painted tortillas” with lunch. Judy explained that the charming tortillas are a specialty of this village, made for fiestas with vegetable dyes and woodblock presses.

Shopping for Folk Art in San Miguel de Allende

Last week, I stopped by my favorite folk art shop in San Miguel de Allende, La Calaca Arte Popular. Owner Evita Avery reports that after 28 years, she’s on the brink of closing shop because business is so bad. This would be a heartbreaking turn of events. Evita has deep knowledge of Latin American folk and decorative arts and her shop is full of antique treasures you can’t find anywhere else. Please check out her fabulous website (she ships internationally) or visit her at Calle Mesones 93 if you’re in town.

Monument Mills Ruins in Housatonic, Massachusetts

We poked around the mills today — spectacular textures. Exploring the crumbling buildings felt like being on vacation in our own town. That’s the iconic Housatonic water tower in the background.


My Father's 1928 Boy Scout Handbook

Looking through old photos for our Day of the Dead altar, I found my father’s Boy Scout handbook, issued 1928 in New York City.

Attention: Antiques Roadshow

We found these vessels in the barn. Anybody guess as to their vintage and original uses?

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