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Goose Portraits: Fall 2012


Happy Goose Rolling On His Back Under Big Berkshire Sky

Berkshire Fall Sky

Goose at Stockbridge Bowl

Our Crabapple Tree: Stick Season Edition

Our crabapple tree after the leaves, before the snow.


Our Crumbling Stone Grill and the Last Blast of Berkshire Fall


Freak Fall Nor’easter October 29, 2011

We got two feet of snow here in the Berkshires yesterday. The wet, heavy snow on the fall leaves bent and snapped many old trees. I’m sad about lilacs, which we estimate were about 50 years old, but we’ll plant new ones–adding our own history to this house.

Campfire circle in our woods

Who needs Andrew Goldsworthy

Sad roses of sharon


Apple tree

Sad hydrengea

Sad lilacs and sad maple

Lest we forget what season it really is

The upside to the storm

Berkshire Fall-Winter: Part Two

Snow’s coming down hard this afternoon and is forecast to go all night. Hello, fall-winter wonderland.

Two Seasons in One: Our Front Yard After The First Snow

And So It Begins: Winter 2011

Last Blast of Berkshire Fall 2011

Our front yard this afternoon. It’s raining not-quite-snow frigid drizzle now. An inch or two of white stuff forecast for tonight. Out come the down parka and insulated-weatherproof boots ’til June. New England winter survival is all about the gear.

In general, I’m not particularly fond of manual labor, but I do enjoy the seasonal rite of stacking firewood. It makes me feel like a pioneer.

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