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Goose at Stockbridge Bowl

Happy fella.

What kind of bird is this?

I spotted two huge black birds of prey in my neighbor’s yard this morning in the Berkshires. At first I thought: those are some weird-looking turkeys. I was delighted when Orion magazine posted this link about migrating raptors on Facebook today, as that explains their presence, but I don’t know what sort they are. They flew up in a tree when I tried to snap a photo, so all I have to go on is this silhouette. Dramatic wingspan. Sharp beak. Any guesses?

Happy Goose: Early Fall Edition

My shining boy yesterday on our romp. I realize that it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything personal on my blog–that mostly it’s been pictures of Goose and of the seasons. Granted, I’ve engaged in near constant life narration on Twitter and Facebook, but it does feel time for a more reflective post here. Once I tame the piles on my desk this week, I look forward to writing you all an old fashioned letter.

Stick Season Berkshire Sky

I’d never heard of “stick season” before moving to New England. It’s the time between fall foliage and winter snow, when the trees strip down to their essential shapes. I love it because driving around, you can see interesting houses that are otherwise obscured by woods. I snapped these photos on our property this morning. It’s a cold, crystalline day in the Berkshires. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Happy Goose in the Meadow: Late Fall

Late Fall at Our House in the Berkshires

Backyard as viewed from the front woods.

Along the driveway.

Front yard

Front woods

Fall all around.

Stone wall-ishness along the road.

Goose in Our Woods: Fall (Take Two)

Last year about this time, I accidentally shot these artful fall photos of Goose in our woods. Seems I still don’t know how to properly use the camera, so peak foliage week inspired another round of similar shots.

Fall at Our House in the Berkshires

It’s been a muted fall in the Berkshires due to the dry summer and several storms that knocked the leaves off of the trees, but the color is sure popping at our house this week. As a California girl, I am ever dazzled by New England seasons.
View from my home office window.






Front yard

Goose and the Maple Leaves

Goose and the First Flash of Fall

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