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Goose Portraits: Winter 2012/13

Happy New Year! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have turned my attention away from this blog, but here are some recent portraits of Goose that I’d like to remember.



Gorgeous Foggy Winter Day in the Berkshires

Goose and Buddy

We’re enjoying more spring-winter weather here in the Berkshires. This morning Goose and I walked with friends Kimberly and Buddy along the river in Falls Village, Connecticut.

Happy Goose in Winter-Spring

What a nutty winter. It’s back to being spring. Goose and I enjoyed a muddy romp this afternoon.

Goose in Our Woods

First proper winter wonderland of the season.

Goose Playing Frisbee in the Snow

Berkshire Bird Feeder

A high of 17 degrees is forecast for today in the Berkshires. This is the view out our living room window.

Year-end Dog Walk: Global Warming Edition

Goose at Kennedy Park in Lenox. It's been so warm, the lichen's waking up on the stone walls.

Cue New Phone Obligatory Cute Cat Video

This is Chili Pepper on Christmas day. “He’s not a cat, he’s a land whale,” said Dave.

Christmas Cookie Songs?

I’m looking for baking/sugar-themed holiday songs to include on a “Christmas Cookie Contest in a Box” playlist. This fun one kinda works. Anybody have other suggestions?

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