Fiesta of San Miguel

Photo by Deb Hall — see below for links to more of her fiesta photos and to information about her great folk art shop.

After a breakfast of fresh jugo de guayaba (guava juice) and huevos mexicana at Casa Crayola’s sweet new cafe, my mom and I headed up to the Jardín so that I could get some pesos from the ATM machine. On the way there, we stumbled upon part of the Fiesta de San Miguel, the annual celebration honoring the city’s patron saint, Archangel Saint Michael, during which, among other things, dozens of traditional community dance groups from across Mexico convene to dance through the cobblestone streets in full masked splendor, festooned with peacock feathers, fake flowers, Christmas decorations, feather dusters, satin ribbons, antlers, embroidered gowns, sequin-encrusted cloaks, animal pelts, Mardi Gras beads, and gallons and gallons of glitter. It’s an unbelievably good time.

I took a bunch of photos with my cell phone, but am having trouble sending them to my e-mail, so I urge you to check out Deb Hall’s marvelous account of last year’s festivities — click here and here. Deb and her husband Rick own Zocalo, a seriously awesome folk art shop located both here in San Miguel and in Patzcuaro.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Say hi to your mom for me and enjoy the molasses and laughter! Just read your interview with my scent hero (thanks to you sending me The Emperor of Scent) and now I have to read his second scent book! How do I become a fan of your blog?

  2. Gina Hyams says:

    Thanks, Shelley! Will do. If you click on my Facebook Profile, you’ll see a box with blogs in it, and then you could go to my blog there and click the follow/fan/whatever it says button.

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