Goose and the Wild Ramps

Good band name, eh? It’s a spring tradition in the Berkshires to harvest wild ramps. Here we are in West Stockbridge foraging near the Green River. I’m going to make quiche with the bounty.

Goose and the Wild Ramps

Required Footwear

Green River

Happy Goose

Goose Inspects the Harvest

Cleaned Up Ramps in the Kitchen Sink

2 Responses to Goose and the Wild Ramps

  1. Catherine Niles says:

    Nice! I wonder if there are any in our woods along the brook…might go have a look in a few minutes.

  2. Gina Hyams says:

    I now know that I was harvesting the ramps incorrectly. Here’s a tutorial on the right way to do it:

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