Goose in Our Woods: Fall (Take Two)

Last year about this time, I accidentally shot these artful fall photos of Goose in our woods. Seems I still don’t know how to properly use the camera, so peak foliage week inspired another round of similar shots.

2 Responses to Goose in Our Woods: Fall (Take Two)

  1. Miss Whistle says:

    I think I should frame them all. They’re beautifully evocative, and probably far more so than they would have been had you been master of the focus. I love watching the dramatic progress of Fall on the east coast, from the more subtle changes in LA. Thank you for posting them.

    Miss W

  2. Shelley says:

    Just saw an Impressionist exhibit at the DeYoung (I was this close to a Van Gogh self-portrait. Talk about moving!!!) and these shots could have easily been part of the exhibit. Pretty, fuzzy. Pretty!

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