Happy Day of the Dead

“There is more time than life.”
— Mexican proverb

“Day of the Dead celebrates the intimate, continuing relationship between the living and the dead. Like the celebration of a birthday, it reconfirms annually the love, goodwill, and generosity that the beloved can count on, no matter that they are dead.”

“Day of the Dead altars give tangible form to our feelings of loyalty, affection, and longing for those who have passed away. The holiday isn’t about ghosts and goblins; it’s about the strength of family ties and enduring love. The Mexican mix of stoicism, wit, and reverence teaches us that death is a natural extension of life. By honoring our loved ones’ spirits in living color, and sharing their legacies with our children and community, we nourish a sense of continuity. We are all much less alone.”


Candles to light the way for the spirits of our loved ones to find their way home, water to quench their thirst after the long journey, salt to represent the spice of life, and flowers to symbolize its ephemeral loveliness. Our Day of the Dead altar now stretches six feet across a window sill.

Chester, the guinea pig. A coconut mask kitty stands in for Etta-pus. We substituted mini pumpkins for marigolds.

My brother, Jan, and the blue bird of happiness he gave Annalena, along with polished stones that he tumbled himself.

My dad, Dave’s dad.

Dave’s brother, Pete. (The photo is his passport.)

My brother, Charlie, and grandmother, Mae.

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  1. Paige says:

    Wow. This is lovely, and amazing. Thanks for posting…

  2. Jerry Vigil says:

    Nice piece, brings the personal story home with respect to the culture and traditions.
    “Denver’s Dead of the Dead”

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