Tanglewood Picnic Book

Gina has decided that in her heart of hearts, she wants to create a beautiful little gift book that celebrates the tradition of picnics held on the Tanglewood Lawn during concerts at Boston Symphony Orchestra’s summer campus in Lenox, Massachusetts.

This topic is too narrow to be of interest to a traditional publisher, but she has faith there’s a significant niche audience, so she’s going to professionally self-publish it. File under: labor of love.

She’s looking for photos of Tanglewood picnics (both lavish and modest), favorite picnic recipes, outdoor dining tips, and related picnic ephemera (such as invitations and menus) from all eras of the festival’s eight-decade history. Do you have a Tanglewood picnic tradition you’d like to share? For details about how to submit your images and stories, please see

 The New York Times

Gina’s tribute to her mother was published in The New York Times Magazine’s ”The Lives They Loved” series.

 Casa Duende and Casita Art Studio

Mi casa es su casa. Gina is now renting her family’s home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. For details, please click here.


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Interview with Gina about pie on WAMC’s The Roundtable


Photo of Gina with pie by Paul Shoul for Preview Massachusetts.

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