Of All The Things: Dennis Lambert Documentary

I loved, loved, loved Of All The Things, a documentary about songwriter/producer Dennis Lambert whose ‘70s and ‘80s hits included “Ain’t No Woman Like The One I’ve Got,” “Rhinestone Cowboy,” “Don’t Pull Your Love,” “Baby Come Back,” “One Tin Soldier,” “Nightshift,” and perhaps most infamously, “We Built This City,” among dozens more. He had chart-toppers in almost every genre of music — at one point four of his songs were simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a feat previously accomplished only by The Beatles.

That was then. Today, he’s a 60-year-old family man selling real estate in Florida. But it turns out his obscure 1972 solo album is huge…in the Philippines. A Filipino concert promoter had been begging Lambert to tour for decades, and in 2007 (35 years after the release of his album) he finally agreed.

Of All The Things is a pop/rock/country/R&B documentary that follows Lambert on his whirlwind tour as he rediscovers his passion for music — a two week adventure that takes him from the comforts of Boca Raton, through the remote outer islands of the Philippines, to a sold-out show at Manila’s Araneta Coliseum for thousands of fans he never knew he had.

The film was directed by his son, Jody Lambert. It’s hilarious and profoundly moving and inspiring and I predict will have a distribution deal soon. I don’t know if it’s listed yet on Netflix, but once it is and/or if it comes to your town: See it.

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