Snapshots of Casa Sierra Negra del Sur

These cell phone snaps don’t do it justice, but here’s a peek at the Hyams-Barrett family compound in San Miguel…Aaaaaaaaaah.

Steps to roof terrace.

Roof garden.

Hammock on roof terrace.

Sitting area in courtyard garden.

My mom’s kitchen and studio table topped with paintbrushes.

Day bed in my mom’s studio.

Blurry shot of our kitchen, but I love the tile.

Our living room. Note subtle product placement on coffee table.

Living room steps made with colored cement. Our house has blue, red, green, and yellow floors.

Our bathtub of stars. The wall tile pattern was inspired by a
Mondrian painting.

2 Responses to Snapshots of Casa Sierra Negra del Sur

  1. Kitt says:

    I am not showing this to my Mom (also an artist). She would plotz with envy.

  2. Bess says:

    Looks heavenly, Gina! Especially the tub 😉

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