Spring, part four

This morning’s Berkshire Eagle headline reminded me that it’s time to take down the bird feeder. I haven’t yet encountered a black bear in the Berkshires, but last year neighbors on either side of our house saw one, so it must have crossed our yard. Last year there was also a moose sighting in the neighborhood.

If you encounter a bear …

  • Don’t run. Running will make the bear think you are prey, and that could cause the animal to chase you. Despite their lumbering appearance, black bears can run fast — far faster than humans — so don’t try to outrun one.

  • Make noise. Most black bears will retreat if you make noise or throw an object in their direction. If you find yourself face to face with a bear, have someone farther away create loud noises as a distraction, then back away from the bear slowly.
  • SOURCE: MassWildlife.

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