What kind of bird is this?

I spotted two huge black birds of prey in my neighbor’s yard this morning in the Berkshires. At first I thought: those are some weird-looking turkeys. I was delighted when Orion magazine posted this link about migrating raptors on Facebook today, as that explains their presence, but I don’t know what sort they are. They flew up in a tree when I tried to snap a photo, so all I have to go on is this silhouette. Dramatic wingspan. Sharp beak. Any guesses?

2 Responses to What kind of bird is this?

  1. Erik Hoffner says:

    I vote vulture. Pretty typical looking profile…were they on a dead critter by chance?


  2. Gina Hyams says:

    Thanks. I didn’t see a critter, but there very well may have been one. When the pair scattered to the trees, another giant one swooped on to the property. It made me a little concerned for my neighbors…like the birds sensed prey IN the house.

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