What’s My Motivation?

A reporter from the local daily paper contacted me for an article she’s writing on Berkshire bloggers. On one hand I’m flattered, but on the other I’m worried. The question I constantly ask myself as a journalist is: Why does this matter? If I were her interviewing me tomorrow, that’s what I’d be trying to figure out.

I started this blog as a lark seven months ago and 105 posts later am still having a good time and am pleased that the random things I’ve chosen to blog about seem to be of interest to others. As of this evening, the stat counter reports that I’m up to 1,497 returning visitors (out of 3,678 total unique visitors — lots of people obsessed with Jello and/or Daryl Hall). These aren’t huge blogosphere numbers, but considering that I’m only linked to in one place that I know about (a kind stranger in Trinidad), it’s miraculous. If I imagine you all in my backyard, it’s quite a party we have going on here.

So, thanks for showing up. The one thing I’m clear about is that this blog has to stay fun and loose and not become an ambitious, pressurized form of expression for me. If it ever stops feeling like a lark, that’s when I’ll stop.

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  1. Kari says:

    yay for Berkshire bloggers! I for one love all of your posts.

  2. Kitt says:

    I hope you don’t stop any time soon!

    And now you’ve got two links. I need to go through my blogroll and update my sidebar. And reorganize it. That will take some doing.

  3. Gina Hyams says:


  4. Countess Bedelia says:

    I find the best blogs to be very personal….to the blogger. IMO most bloggers don't care about a large audience, they are just blogging for themselves or their family & friends. That is how my blog started…as a fantasy life for myself, but also a diary so that my adult children could keep up with my travels and adventures. It always amazes me that people read my blog! I call it the 'old lady's diary' and really just post about Me.

    But, just like your blog, it gives glimpses of the person behind the keyboard and that is a fascinating phenomena in our new society. Just reading about the Farmers Market, your daughter's radio show, and your random thoughts and musings, your blog provides insights into who you are as a person….your character, your likes and dislikes, your idiosyncrasies.

    Sorry to be so wordy. It's just a long winded way to say I like your blog!

  5. Gina Hyams says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Countess. I love calling you Countess. When I see you at the theater, I think: Oh, there’s the Countess. You are the rare person who’s managed to integrate your fantasy/best-of-self blog life with your three dimensional life. I’m a little shy in real life, so I think most people assume: publicist, rather than pickle-obsessed maniac.

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