Which Photo is Best?

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I’ve been switching out the profile photo a lot lately. I’ve been testing the recent Berkshire Museum photobooth shots to see how they might look on my revamp-in-progress website. My mother wrote this evening: “You seem to be specializing in Tilted Head and Recipes these days. Have you any straight-on vegetarian head shots? …Nice shot of the truck.” Annalena thinks my eyes look crazy in the gazing heavenward smiley photo. Obviously there are more important things to fret about, but I need to turn in one of these to accompany a magazine article this week. Which do the royal we think is best?

11 Responses to Which Photo is Best?

  1. Lisa says:

    Hmmm… they’re all neat in their own way. I think I like the last one best.

  2. Paige says:

    I, too, vote for the last one. Smiley and beautiful, both.

  3. Tana Butler says:


  4. Tana Butler says:

    Let me add: it’s the most real, the most like you, and the best composed. Sez me. Please send me a high-res version of the original and let me play with it. PLEASE?

  5. karentempler says:

    Definitely the third; definitely not the first.

    Also: I want that truck.

  6. Sue Dickman says:

    I like the third one too, but I also like the second one. I agree about not the first, at least not for this

  7. Gina Hyams says:

    Thanks, all, for the speedy response.

    Tana, I think your comment about the #3 being “most like [me]” is interesting since we’ve never actually met in 3 dimensions. #2 probably looks more like me in daily life (shy and exhausted). But if #3 looks more like the fantasy of me (and what are we on the Internet if not fantasies of ourselves?), that’s excellent.

    Karen, the truck IS perfect for you in California, where you don’t need 4-wheel drive. Come on out and road trip it home before winter.

  8. ButchMommyDaddy-Something says:

    another vote for number 3.

  9. Gina Hyams says:

    Thanks for your vote, butchmommydaddy-something. I was hoping you’d say: “Gina looks just the same as she did in high school.”

    Two back channel votes have come in for #2 (from Amy and my mom).

  10. TravelinGirls says:

    I love the look of these photos and want one of those photo booths for my house! I could make alot of money off of them. Clients would come in thinking they were getting a headshot done with big studio lights and backdrops. I’d pop them into the machine and out would come a modern and quirky looking headshot! Easy money! lol

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