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Project Sprout: Year Two (the vision thing)

Project Sprout

Yesterday a postcard arrived from Monument Mountain Regional High School’s Project Sprout. On one side were photos of the kids working in the garden and constructing the farm stand and on the other, the following elegant thank you note. I had nothing to do with any of it beyond being a “garden mom” schlepping Annalena to and fro. Makes me a little weepy to see the summation of all they’ve accomplished this year. These teens are so hardworking and smart. There is hope.

Dear (handwritten names),

The holidays are a chance to reflect on the year. For us this means remembering all of the classes we taught in the garden, from pre-K through 12th grade, and working with a special needs group on a weekly basis throughout the summer in the garden. It also means remembering donating 200 lbs of organic produce a week to people in need around the Berkshires, and working with our food service program to serve our food in the three cafeterias of our district three to four times a week. It means laughing about how nervous we were the first time we presented at another school, and smiling about how many other schools we have inspired since then. But mostly, it means remembering working together, with students, teachers, and community members, to cultivate our 12,000 square foot vegetable garden and heirloom fruit orchard.

The holidays are also about thinking of all the people who lent us a helping hand throughout the year. We know that without your tremendous support, none of what we just mentioned would have been possible. Thank you, and have a great holiday.


(handwritten signatures of 25 students)

Season's Greetings from the Berkshires

Dearest Blog Reader,

Part of me feels like I should apologize for sacrificing my blog to Twitter and Facebook and “real” life, but I’m not going to because this is my blog, a space I carved out to be low pressure and duty free. These are busy, happy days. I count my lucky stars on many fronts. Eventually I’ll return to words here, but for now will let these snapshots tell the tale of this winter Sunday. Wishing you and yours the best this holiday season.



P.S. I tagged this post both Berkshires and Mexico in reference to the Mexican tin ornaments on our Christmas tree.

Apples in snow.Apples in snow.Dave and Annalena at Seekonk Tree FarmOur tree.AngelElvis angelsaxophone ornament

sprouting hearts and dancerPagan fire circle in the snow and Goose.our gift to the neighborhood

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