A Note from Kim Sunée

Kim wrote last night that she hasn’t forgotten about that promised blog interview. Really, it’s fine…I don’t want this blog to be stressful for me or anybody else…but I appreciated her note and since I know many of you are stumbling upon this blog by searching on her name (almost as many as who are looking for Jello recipes and chocolate games), I’ll share her news.

She’s now in Korea appearing on a television show that tries to reunite adoptees with their birth families.

“It has been an emotional journey so far. I had to ‘audition’ for the adoptee show and, standing in front of the azaleas in a perfectly manicured garden, I felt like an orphan all over again–as if I had to prove I was worthy of being ‘chosen.’

On a lighter note, I met a Japanese chef in Itaewon who uses his cellars not for fermenting vegetables, but for curing duck prosciutto.

Today I am visiting the Star of the Sea orphanage and the markets…then on to meet a national treasure–a woman in her 70s who is the last to know the recipes of ‘the King’s Cuisine.’ It seems the king did not want to be known as a savage so all of his food was minced and hidden among the leaves of cabbages and lotus leaves.

I’m not a good ‘blogger’ but I am trying to post now and then on my site, mainly when I am not able to sleep–like every moment of every day since I’ve been here…

Monday, I will be doing press conferences for the Korean edition of my book. The Korean title is Recipes in the Age of my 30’s (even though it’s about my 20’s): Provence in the middle of Summer, I was a lonely traveler, though I always had Love.

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