Easter Jello?

We’re spending Easter in Connecticut. My mother-in-law is making ham and dessert and I’m charged with bringing everything else. I usually cook (or procure) gourmet-ish delicacies that she hates. After nearly 20 years, perhaps it’s time to make her happy? I’m thinking: Jello. Readerville friend Miriam suggests a salad of cherry Jello, canned cherries, cubed cream cheese, and walnuts. Any other favorite recipes out there?

4 Responses to Easter Jello?

  1. rebecca says:

    Beautiful! I want a copy. Also, I’ll see if I can get my hands on my friend Tom’s Five Pretzel Salad.

  2. Gina Hyams says:

    Oh my, that sounds promising! (and I haven’t forgotten about lunch…maybe next week?)

  3. Kitt says:

    Definitely Jell-O. If you have any vintage Junior League cookbooks, you’re sure to find something that suits.

  4. Dan Shaw says:

    Jell-O? You goyim are nuts! I vote for herring and whitefish salad.

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