FarmHouse Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk: A Mother-Daughter Conversation

Here’s a conversation Annalena, age 14, and I just had about FarmHouse Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk .

Gina: What do you think this stuff smells like?

Annalena: It smells like peaches and cream.

Gina: The box says: “Our cows eat cookies.” Does it smell like cookies?

Annalena: Not really. I think they just mean that it’s sweet smelling. Like, it’s really, really sweet.

Gina: Yes, I agree. It’s too sweet for me. What about you?

Annalena: I like it a lot.

Gina: Do you think it’s best for teens?

Annalena: No, it’s not a youthful scent, but it smells yummy.

Gina: It says it has almond oil in it. Does it smell like almonds?

Annalena: Not really. There’s a slight hint of it, but the tangy, milky scent over powers the almond.

Gina: What does it feel like?

Annalena: It’s kind of a watery lotion. Not too oily. It’s really nice. It makes your skin freakishly soft.

Gina: What do you think of the package?

Annalena: I like that it comes in a little pitcher. It’s very elegant.

Gina: Does it look like vinaigrette?

Annalena: I don’t know. Vinaigrette comes in lots of different packages.

Gina: Anything else?

Annalena: It’s more cream than peach.

Gina: The copy on the box recommends using it with your favorite perfume.

Annalena: It’s pretty strong. The scent is mild, but it lasts for a while. I don’t know about mixing it with perfume.

Gina: It costs $26. Do you think it’s worth it?

Annalena: Well, to me $26 is a lot to spend on any kind of beauty product, but it’s a nice lotion. I don’t think it’s ridiculous except that spending that much on any beauty product is ridiculous. You’re paying for the package, which is really pretty.

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