First Blueberry of Summer

We have six blueberry bushes in one of the long-forsaken garden rooms (there are seven…I’ll write about them another day) and a tangle of raspberries by the barn. Yes, we have a barn…it’s our decaying potential at the moment…actually not decaying, but being eaten by powderpost beetles. We have little money to maintain the property, let alone improve it, so it’s frustrating to have to invest in invisible things like fumigation and cutting down dead trees, but there you have it. I believe the technical term is “homemoaner.” Being house poor is better than being poor poor, but as I just wrote my old friend Beth, it still adds up to broke. Sigh.

3 Responses to First Blueberry of Summer

  1. Kitt says:

    You have a bounty of fruit, at least!

  2. Robin Tremblay-McGaw says:

    with that hat you’ve made the transition from california girl to berkshires chica!
    xo robin

  3. Gina Hyams says:

    Heh. Do you think? Middle-aged Target shopper anyway.

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