Hello, Neighbors

Well, yesterday’s off-the-cuff (off-the-wall?) review is generating more local traffic to this blog than usual…hello, neighbors. It’s a little unnerving, as my worlds rarely collide.

Michael Pollan moved with his family from Connecticut to California about the time we made the reverse move. I’m told that he’s explained the difference between the cultures by describing how in New England you might see someone everyday at the post office and after ten years they might consider inviting you to tea, whereas in California you meet someone at a school PTA function and they immediately invite you to their home to try out their new hot tub.

My fantasy of small town New England life involved lots of pie. Neighbors would welcome us with pie. There would be lots of occasions for pie. I’d learn to bake. Suffice to say that hasn’t happened and if any of you would care to introduce yourselves, I’d be happy to meet you.

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  1. Dan Shaw says:

    My next door neighbors invited me for tea exactly five years after I moved to my house. The way you get to know people in New England is to volunteer and after a year or two when they realize you are not a carpetbagger but a decent contributing member of the community then, I have found, you begin to make real connections and frienships

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