Interview with American Pie Council Executive Director Linda Hoskins

American Pie Council Executive Director Linda Hoskins

I am excited to be a pie judge at the APC Crisco® National Pie Championships®  coming up April 23-25 at the Omni Championsgate in Orlando, Florida. Below is an interview with American Pie Council Executive Director Linda Hoskins about the event.

Gina: What does the American Pie Council (APC) do and how long has it been around?

Linda: It promotes year-round enjoyment and consumption of pie.  It’s been around since 1983.

Gina: How long have you been executive director of the organization? What sort of background did you have to qualify for the post?

Linda: I’ve been executive director since 1999.  My background is not really a baking background, but rather a fundraising, event planning background.  Although I’ve now become somewhat of a baker and I really love it.

Gina: How many entries do you anticipate for the APC Crisco® National Pie Championships® this year?

Linda: Including commercial, amateur, professional, and junior chefs, I anticipate around 850 entries.

Gina: How many pie judges will there be?

Linda: Right now we have 188 judges.

Gina: Are there any celebrity judges?

Linda: Not yet!

Gina: What will I be judging?

Linda: You’ll find out on Friday.  We actually don’t figure any of that out until we have all of the entries.

Gina: Do you have any tips for pie judging?

Linda: Don’t eat too much of one pie, even if you love it, they’ll be plenty more that you love!!

Gina: Is there a proper way to taste pie?

Linda: We like to taste the entire experience on the first taste, a little crust, topping and filling, then we go on to critique the components individually.

Gina: How many people do you anticipate will attend the Great American Pie Festival?

Linda: 25,000

Gina: What sort of things and activities will one find at the festival?

Linda: Pie making, pie eating, pie decorating, pie making demonstrations, lots of kids activities, and more pie eating.

Gina: What is the oddest pie you’ve made, seen, or heard about?

Linda: Avocado pie, Vidallia onion pie, watermelon pie.

Gina: Why do you think pie matters today?

Linda: Not only is it yummy, and makes people feel good, it’s about the traditions handed down from generation to generation.

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