Learning to Run

My beloved puppy, Goose, takes such pleasure in romping through the woods, he inspires the notion that I, too, would be happier if I hurled my body through space on a regular basis. I’m nearly 43 years old and running has previously held no appeal whatsoever. I figure this means there’s still plenty of cartilage left in my knees to pound. I’d like to participate in the More Magazine Half-Marathon — if not this year, next.

2 Responses to Learning to Run

  1. colibri says:

    Gina – I love the story about your pup Goose! You’ve inspired me and have caused me to consider training for the More Magazine marathon with you (April 2009). What do you think? We could help each other train from thousands of miles away! Let’s ponder the idea. I’ve never run more than 4 miles in a “fun run” over 20 years ago…. So, we’d be in the same starting boat!

  2. Gina Hyams says:

    I’m thinking 1/2-marathon, but yes! Where will you train in Patzcuaro? Those cobblestone roads will make Central Park streets seem easy.

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