Mom and Bros in Mexico 1958-59

Jan's 4th birthday. San Miguel, 1958

Kris, age 2, in a parade. San Miguel, 1959

Note on back says: San Miguel banners at start of "Los Pereginos" in San Miguel "La Periginacion a San Juan de los Lagos." January, 1958

Note on back says: Fried pig, boiled goat, pulque and friends. Brionis (sp? can't read handwriting) my guitar teacher in baseball hat. (that's not me in the glasses and shirt in case you wonder). Rancho Jalpa, Gto. Mexico, 1958

On rooftop in our first home in Mexico. San Miguel, 1958

Taken at a friend's house. May, 1958

Jan and friend in patio of our house. San Miguel, 1958

June, 1958

Our rented little grass shack. Yelapa, Mexico, 1960

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