Paging Germantown, Maryland

This blog is oddly popular in Germantown, Maryland, a place I’ve never visited. Who are you people? Do you know each other? I’m mystified, but appreciative of your interest.

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  1. Kitt says:

    My guess would be Rooie.

  2. Gina Hyams says:

    Does Rooie have another R’ville name? I don’t think I know Rooie…but if it’s you, Rooie, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Paige says:

    Maybe you have a fan club. Or a book club. Or….? BTW, your author pic in Berks Living is gorgeous (just like the real you.)

  4. Gina Hyams says:

    Maybe they’ve seen that ever-so-staged picture instead of the real me! It was taken while I was on assignment at the Huntington Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco. I’d just been reading about opera singer Renée Fleming in a magazine and tried to channel her in the photo shoot.

  5. Gina Hyams says:

    One of the Germantown regulars came back today and remained anonymous. Hmmmmm. I know this person uses Windows, but that’s it.

  6. ~bradley says:

    I have no idea why your site is so popular in Germantown, MD which is where I have lived for the past 16 years. Perhaps the variety of topics, the folk art or food talk – any of these might prompt but beats me. The ‘Germans’ of Germantown started disappearing in the early 1900’s.
    Alas, because the variety in your site and the cute picture of Goose in the snow (which reminds me of my whippet who loves snow) are wonderful(!), I’ve now bookmarked your site to my oh-so-long list of weekly sites to read. Keep writing the way you do!! -Bradley

  7. Gina Hyams says:

    Welcome, Bradley! And thanks so much for your sweet note.

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