Patry Francis Liar's Diary Blog Day

I know author Patry Francis a tiny bit from her postings on Readerville. An announcement went out the other day that her debut novel, The Liar’s Diary, was due to be published soon and that she’d just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, so wouldn’t have much energy to promote it. A friend of hers appealed to the blogging community to help get word out about Patry’s book and more than 300 bloggers instantly signed up, including me. I haven’t yet had a chance to read her novel, but I wish her the very best of luck on all fronts. Pub days (the date a book officially launches) are notoriously anticlimactic. I always seem to spend mine melancholy and pining for a marching band. I’m happy to offer the one above to Patry on her special day.

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