Who's Going to James Taylor at Tanglewood?

There may not be much glory in my job, but there are some perks…like two out-of-the-blue lawn tickets (and a parking pass!) to James Taylor’s sold-out July 4th concert at Tanglewood. There will be fireworks and 18,000 people there.

Are any of you going? Can I come to your glamorous Tanglewood picnic like the one pictured above? I could bring something fancy, like this. Or not.

Also, I haven’t yet given away the extra ticket, so I hereby announce the first Gina’s Blog of Curiosities Sweepstakes. If you would like to be entered into a random drawing to be my date to the James Taylor concert, please send me an e-mail at ginahyams @ gmail.com by Sunday, June 15, 5pm. Winner will be announced at approximately 5:01pm that day. Annalena will certify that I actually close my eyes before I reach into the bag or hat or whatever to pull the winning name.

5 Responses to Who's Going to James Taylor at Tanglewood?

  1. Dan Shaw says:

    I guess your readers are too cool for JT. It pains me to write that I saw JT’s contemporary Jackson Browne at Tanglewood 30 summers ago! I always preferred JB to JT, which is sacrilege in the Berkshires but… Jackson Browne gave an amazing concert. We were 18 and the world seemed easy and innocent.

  2. Gina Hyams says:

    Yes, it would seem my readers are officially too cool for school. Wanna be my date?

  3. Kitt says:

    I’d love to go! (I’m kind of behind on reading my blogs.) But it’s a bit of a commute. I first saw him in concert about 30 years ago, myself, at Summerfest in Milwaukee.

  4. Steven "Piparskeggr" says:

    I hope you enjoyed the show!

    My wife (then fiancee) and I saw Jackson Browne at Tanglewood the summer of 1978; saw George Benson that summer, too.

    Be well!

  5. Gina Hyams says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Steven. The concert was indeed a good time.

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